'It's just 1 Straw'

said 8 BILLION 



We are a grassroots campaign fighting disposable plastic pollution one straw at a time!
Our mission is to reduce the harmful effects of single-use plastic on our planet and our health and create awareness surrounding the issue. Ultimately, we seek to reduce the use of disposable plastic in Israel and the world and encourage more environmentally friendly consumer habits.
We believe the first step to creating awareness and taking action against plastic pollution
is to start with straws!
Why? Because straws are EASY to give up, and in Israel alone we use millions every day!  
We are inviting cafes, bars, and restaurants in Israel to reduce the use of straws and to only provide straws when a customer asks for one.
And we invite consumers to join us by pledging to always ask for your drink Straw Free! 
Together we can save millions of straws being use in Israel! 
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#GoStrawFree #StrawFreeIsrael #לאשמיםקשים #PlasticSucks

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