Who we are:


We are a grass-roots, volunteer-led campaign in Israel on a mission to combat the
global issue of single-use plastic waste one straw at a time!
We believe that by taking one small step at a time we can make a wave of change. We welcome consumers and businesses all over Israel to join us!

Our mission is to reduce consumption and raise awareness about single-use
plastic straws and other plastics to minimise their negative on our planet and our

What we are doing:

Our primary objective is to reduce the use of disposable plastic straws in two main

1) We encourage customers to request ask for their drink #StrawFree in an effort to
help reduce the amount of plastic that is thrown away every day.

2) We invite cafes, bars, and restaurants in Tel Aviv and all over Israel to reduce the
use of straws - to only provide straws on request, or not at all!


How we are doing it:

We facilitate businesses in their journey to reduce plastic waste, by raising awareness
among their customers, offering alternatives, practical tips, printed materials and
suggestions. We hope to make the transition easy and rewarding for you both in terms
of monetary savings and ethically. By using fewer straws, venues will save money too, so
it's a win-win for businesses and the environment!
Our online community is driving awareness in Israel, encouraging customers to go
straw free and think about their plastic consumption behaviours. We help to spread
awareness so that they will know what it means when you tell them you are straw


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Our Team

As a conservation biologist working on coastal dunes, she saw first hand how much damage plastic is doing to our marine and terrestrial environment. Inspired by campaigns in the UK, Tania founded the campaign to help Israel beat our addiction to disposable plastic. For her work on this campaign, Tania has been honoured as a C40 Woman4Climate of Tel Aviv! 

Ronen is a Ph.D. student in the Tel Aviv University, researching the ecology and biology of soft corals in Eilat. During his work, he came to realize the implications of the plastic crises and he decided to act and joined forces with Tanya Bird on February 2018 to found Straw free Israel, in order to reduce the usage of single-use plastics in Israel and worldwide.  

Alix is from Belgium and arrived in Israel a year and a half ago. Since then she studied Hebrew at the Ulpan and will soon start teaching French at the Hebrew University. She believes in our power to make a difference and protect mama Earth and that little drops of water make a mighty - and cleaner! - ocean

Alix Glotz
Jerusalem Chapter Coordinator
 If you would like to join us as a volunteer please fill out the questionnaire and get in     touch. 
Lee Romi

Lee is the mother of a 4 month old, also taking care of seven cats and one dog. She loves graphic design and designs 24 hours a day, even if she is not in front of a computer.

Guillermo has a Master in Ecology and Environmental Sciences and is from Venezuela where he was working on conservation of tropical birds, whale sharks, tropical forests and crocodiles in Venezuela. After moving to Israel, he found out about BioPlastic and is testing these materials in the marine environment. He believes a strong change of consciousness and policies is required. It is connected to all of us humans, as sentient living creatures, to help save the environment.

Microplastics Expert

Arielle is an activist for mama earth! 

She is an environmental blogger and co-founder of Clean the Butts, a local initiative against cigarette filter pollution, frequently hosting beach clean-ups in Israel; She believes we all have the ability to instigate real change, and it starts simply by BEING THE CHANGE. :)

Volunteer Coordinator
Dr. Tania Bird
Ronen Liberman
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