22nd of February 2019

International Straw Free Day

In the mission to save the planet from plastic, the first step step is the last straw!
On 22nd February people around the world are celebrating International Straw Free Day!
Our addiction to single-use plastic means this little cylindrical tube is causing huge amount of harm to marine and terrestrial life.
In Israel we use between 1-5 million straws every single day! Since Israel is a coastal country, many of these straws end up in the sea, where turtles, birds, fish and other sea life consume straws and other plastics thinking its food.
Plastics don’t biodegrade for up to 400 years! They just break down into smaller and smaller pieces, called Microplastics. In the process they produce bisphenol (BPA) which interferes with reproductive systems in marine life and is suspected to cause cancer.
The good news is that we don't really need straws! Around the world, people are starting to realise the damage caused by straws and are choosing to order their drink #StrawFree
That’s why on 22nd February Straw Free Israel is inviting consumers and businesses to celebrate International Straw Free Day with us!   
These these amazing businesses are leading the way to a sustainable future by reducing their use of straws and other plastics wherever possible. In addition, to celebrate with us they are offering you- our supporters - free gifts and discounts if you ask for your drink Straw Free on the 22nd February!!

Free cookie with every straw free drink


Cafe Hamaniya

A special straw free cocktail & 20% all reusable straws!


Mi Casa

10% off their entire menu when you go straw free!



Molly Bloom's

10% off all alcoholic drinks when ordering straw free!



10% off their entire menu!

ecostore big.PNG

Spend 170NIS in the zero waste category and get a free straw set!

robinfod big.PNG

Coming soon


Golden Sun Kombucha

20% on their Kombucha on tab


Cafe Michelangelo

15% on all soft drinks


Meshek Barzilai

1 + 1 Cocktail when you order straw free!



A free chaser and 10% off food when you're sitting at the bar and order straw free!




A special straw free cocktail!



15% off their entire menu!


A free bamboo straw with every purchase on 22.02!


You'll get 10% off every straw free Lassi shake

abraham hostel.PNG

Abraham Hostel

Tel Aviv

10% off all drinks


Faruk BaShuk

A chaser for every drink you ask for straw free



20% off all their food and drink in all Tel Aviv branches!


Cafe Rega

10% off all soft drinks and shakes when ordering straw free!


 Jerusalem Cooperative Beshutaf 

20% discount off the whole store!

abraham hostel.PNG

20% off all drinks!


They'll give you 1 + 1 on the entire shop!

More coming soon…

So come celebrate with us, share your straw free cocktails on our Facebook page, and support these businesses to show the rest of Israel that as a nation, we too can lead the way in reducing our use of disposable plastic!
Just remember - always ask for your drink #StrawFree!
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