Straw Free Israel Information Pack for Businesses


Here you will find all the information about joining our campaign. 
To download this information as a pdf please click here.

Why join our movement?

• You will save the planet! Straws are polluting our oceans and landfill every day
unnecessarily, and reducing their use will have a positive impact by cutting plastic
pollution in Israel (and the world!). Unless we make changes now, plastic will outweigh
fish in the ocean by 2050!

• You will save money! Most consumers don't use straws unless given them, so by only
providing on request you will save $$$.

• Your business will get free promotion and marketing: Every place that joins is
added to our Straw Free List. In addition, we will mention you in posts and blogs on
popular websites such as Secret Tel Aviv.
We also offer businesses the opportunity to run promotional campaigns that can
be specifically targeted to our straw-free community, which we will help to promote.

• Participating in Straw Free Israel is one of the steps that can contribute to achieving the
“Tav Yarok”; a sustainability certification scheme run by the Tel Aviv-Jaffa Municipality.
How to join?

• Simply post about your business on Facebook saying that you are going
to #GoStrawFree and tag us @StrawFreeIsrael. That's it!

• We will send you an info pack and will add you to our list of Straw Free Venues. We
provide you with posters (to print yourselves, or you can get our printed versions for a
small fee if needed).

• Businesses are responsible for your own commitment to this movement and for how
you choose to reduce plastic usage at your venue.

• The minimum commitment that we require is to NOT provide plastic straws unless requested by a customer.

For example, you can create drinks that don’t need straws, you can provide non-plastic
alternatives (that we can advise you about), you can offer to sell reusable straws to your
customers, or as a minimum you can offer to provide plastic straws but only if requested.
How much does it cost to join in?

• Joining our movement is free! We are a not-for-profit movement and we want you to
join us because we care about the environment. That's all! In fact, you will SAVE money
on all those straws you will not be giving out!

• We do ask a small 20 nis contribution to cover printing costs if you want our printed
materials, but digital versions are free for you to download and print yourself.

• Here’s a nice fact: One restaurant in California reported saving 1.5 million straws a
year by going Straw Free. You can work out the monetary savings!


Are there alternatives to plastic? YES!

• Reusable: glass / metal / bamboo / silicon / drinking from the glass! 

• Disposable: paper/bamboo/pasta/edible.. more options every day!

Contact us to find out which alternatives work best for you

Find out which businesses have already joined us and are Straw Free

Join us today!

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