Straw Free Information Pack

Many of you asked us how can you take a part in our initiative. The toolkit is designed to help any one or any community group join in the campaign!
All you have to do is download it, read through the material and you are good to go!
The pack contains all the relevant information you need about the project, including what we are about, how to invite businesses to join, and what they need to do in order to take a part!
The truth is, it's REALLY simple! ANYONE can talk to ANY place that uses straws..
And you can tell your friends too! We are a community led organisation so you can be the change!
If you would like to use some of our posters or information sheet or put our logo on your own materials, you can download our materials in the Graphics section.

Thanks for wanting to take part in our campaign!

This guide explains how you can help fight plastic by inviting businesses to join our
initiative in your own time! If you want to take part in our group activities drop us an

What should you do?

1. Smile and feel proud that you are taking action to fight plastic pollution!

2. Find the manager/owner of the business you want to invite to join Straw Free

3. Introduce yourself and the campaign (you can use the information pack to help

You can say something like: “I'd like to tell you about a campaign to reduce plastic
waste...” [[see Our Mission Statement]]

4. Invite them to join the initiative! Use the info in the previous pages of this pack to
tell them about:
a. WHY plastic pollution is a problem (it never breaks down and there is
too much!)
b. WHAT the campaign is about (reducing the use of plastic straws)
c. HOW they can join (tag us on Facebook and only provide straws on

5. It’s so simple to join:
They just have to decide NOT to provide single-use straws to customers any more unless they request it.
To join they simply have to post about their business on Facebook saying that they are going to #GoStrawFree and tag us or fill out our Business Registration @StrawFreeIsrael.
We do the rest!

6. If they are interested to join FANTASTIC!!
- we will send them an information pack and printed materials if they need
- don’t forget to tell them they are amazing J!

7. If they are not interested- ask for their reasons, be supportive and interested, we
are genuinely interested to know why people are not interested and so we can
help to find solutions! Let us know what they said!

8. Thank them for their time and offer them to find out more at our FB page

If you have any questions feel free to ask us.
Good luck! :)

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