Help us collect Straws from your local Cafe



We are planning a beautiful art project for the People’s Climate March 2019
on the 29th of March 2019 in Tel Aviv.
We need your help to collect thousands of used straws from local vendors!

Here is what you need to do:

1) Getting started- Fill in this form to register as a straw collector volunteer!
2) Print the sign - We will email you a printable sign (A4 Black & White) to print out and stick on a cardboard box or paper bag – any box will do but make sure its clean and not too big so it doesn’t disturb the café staff.
3) Start collecting - Ask your local café/bar/restaurant/juice bar that uses straws if you can collect their straws - you can explain to them about the issues of plastic straws along the way and if they want to join the campaign that's great too! – We still want to collect their straws even if they reduce the amount they use.
4) Collect them - Arrange with them a convenient time to collect the straws from them- we suggest every few days or daily.
5) Keep collecting - If they are willing to keep collecting do it again! You can repeat this process with them as many times as you like until the 5th March.
6) Count them - Make an estimate of how many straws you collected in how many days (this will really help us to gather data on the number of straws used in Israel!) – as a guide a full handful of normal size straws is about 30 straws.
7) Wash the straws- please rinse the straws in a bucket or in the bath for a few minutes and then let them dry out (e.g. in an open box is ok, but not in a plastic bag)
8) Give them to us - we will holding events on the 22nd February and 5th March in central Tel Aviv where we will collect your straws and treat you to some straw-free drinks! For other areas around Israel will make arrangements with you.
If you have any questions please get in Contact or add a comment in the form.
Check out the details of the Climate March!


Straw Free Israel Crew

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